CHurch Records

Ringwould Names- Many people come seeking their ancestors at Ringwould.

The descendants of Sylvester Estes who went to America in the 1640 s, or of George Pettett and William Kelsie Church Wardens in 1634. Other common names are Laming, Gardner, Redman, Sutton ,Bingham and Arnold, whoever you are seeking we will do our best to help.


 The Church currently has

 Burial register from 2011 onwards

 Baptism register from 1934  onwards

 Marriage register from 2001 onwards.

 To see these apply to the Church Wardens or Rev John Winn

  The Cathedral Archives Canterbury who are very helpful (Tel 01227 865330 appointments needed to view) hold all older records including a combined register from 1569 to 1745.
All other  baptism, burial and marriage registers.

 DEAL Library also has microfiche of the local census since 1841

Local trade directories

Victorian ordnance survey maps

A transcription of the 1569-1745 Register is held in the Local Studies Room Of Dover Library (Tel:01304 204241) 


   The churchyard is divided into the old and new graveyards. The’ New’ starts at the low wall down the path opposite the church porch.

 Detailed recording of the Churchyard took place in the summers of 2002/3. This was updated early in 2005.

 The earliest recorded gravestone is from 1698, there are none earlier and only a few from the 18th century.

 First steps

 There are 2 lists of names to look at:-

 1.     Old Churchyard – chiefly pre 1900 graves click here to open

2.     New Churchyard including 1909 Burial Register click here to open

 a)     Choose the list where you are most likely to find your relative.

b)    Note the grave number- Old churchyard graves start with a single letter, New churchyard graves with a double letter

c)     If you want to locate the appropriate grave on a visit to the Church simply look at the appropriate plan in the orange folder, to be found on the chest at the back of the church.

 NB: Listing in the 1909 Burial register sometimes does not show a grave number, this is because the exact burial site is uncertain. There are also grave numbers recorded where there may not be any sort of grave marker or gravestone.