St Saviour's


The Strand, Walmer, Deal, Kent, CT14 7EG

In the days of sailing ships the Downs, the area of sea between Deal/Walmer, and the Goodwin Sands, was used for mooring and as a safe 'harbour' during stormy weather. Ships might be anchored for weeks on end and would need supplies. Large numbers of boatmen came to live on the Walmer seashore to work rowing out to the ships with all that they needed.

By the 1840's there was a need to build a new church in lower Walmer for the spiritual life of the seafarers. Henry Wilberforce (youngest son of William Wilberforce) was vicar at the time and, in his two year stay at Walmer, he convinced people of the need for a new church.

The foundation stone of St Saviour's was laid in August 1848. Within a year it was in use.

St Saviour's was re-ordered in the 1980's, the south aisle being converted into a meeting room and the back of the church fitted with a kitchen and toilets.

Services at St Saviour's

Built for the growing population of 'seaside' Walmer St Saviour's is the 'church on the beach' set at the heart of its community and wanting to serve them. Services in St Saviour's reflect a range of Anglican traditions seeking to include people of all church backgrounds.

1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th Sundays 11.00am

A sung Common Worship communion service with traditional and contemporary hymns for those seeking a central Anglican tradition. Twice a month drinks are served in church after the service.

2nd Sunday 11.00am

A (sometimes!) sung Book of Common Prayer Mattins service with traditional and modern hymns, sermon, and intercessions. Part of the breadth of traditions in our parish.  

3rd & 5th Sunday 6.00pm

Evensong with the Choir.


Wednesday 10.30am

A traditional said Book of Common Prayer communion service for those who appreciate some quiet and reflective space in their week. Followed by refreshments.