Baptism or Christening

 If you are interested in arranging for a baby or child to be baptized (or christened - the two words mean the same), your first point of contact should be the parish office, and you should contact them before making any other arrangements.


It might be helpful for you to be aware of the following points before getting in touch. A baptism or christening is principally the initiation rite of the Church - in other words when we baptize someone (adult or child) they are being admitted to membership of the Church.  In the case of babies or children, the service involves the parents and godparents making very clear promises to pray for the child and help them take their place as worshipping members of the church.

This is a serious commitment, and may not suit all parents, and we are always very happy to offer, as an alternative, a simple service of thanksgiving for the birth of a child.

If you are clear that you do wish to have your child christened, the Parish Priest or another representative from the parish will normally come round one afternoon or evening to see both parents, to talk about what it means to be a Christian, and being a member of the church, and to encourage both parents and godparents (where appropriate and practical) to come to some services at your chosen church and see what it is like. We are not normally able to agree on a date or time for the baptism until the Parish Priest has been round for such a visit, and you are encouraged not to make other arrangements until this has happened.

You should also be aware that the Canon Law of the Church of England requires godparents to be baptized.

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