Wedding Costs & Details

    Wedding Fees 2024

 Marriage Service                                 

                                                 Banns:                                                 £36.00

                                                (Certificate of Banns if Required £18.00) *                                             

                                                Marriage Service                             £531.00

                                                Total                                                £   567.00

             * If you are not resident in the parish , banns must be read in the parish where you live.     and a certificate obtained.                   

Optional  Expenses            

                                                Heating(Oct-March)                   £50.00  

                                                Verger                                            £30.00                                        

                                                Organist                                         £80.00                                               

                                                Choir (if available)                    £100.00

                                                Bells – Kingsdown                      £20.00

                                                Bells – Ringwould                      £70.00      

                                                Flowers                            By arrangement


It is your responsibility to contact the Parish Office (01304 366605 or  parishoffice) at least 12-14 weeks before the wedding date to make an appointment to complete the arrangements for your wedding.   

 Banns of Marriage

If one or both of you do not live in the Parish you must contact the vicar of the other parish(s) to have the Banns called there.  This is a legal requirement and the wedding cannot take place if the Banns have not been called.  It is your responsibility to make this arrangement.  After the calling of the Banns the vicar will issue a certificate of Banns for you to give me before the wedding day, usually at the rehearsal. This costs £54 payable to the parish where they are called.


To discuss flowers ask at your meeting with the Rector for the contact details for the relevant church.  It is customary for flowers to be left in the church after the wedding.


Many couples like to have their wedding recorded by video.  I have no objections, but those operating the recorder must be sensitive to the ceremony and must arrange where the recorder stands with me.  A copyright form and licence must be obtained prior to the day. 

 Paying for your wedding. 

The Organist and Bell ringers would normally be paid in cash on the day

Fees should be paid at least two weeks before the wedding, including for heating if appropriate. Payment can be paid by internet payment to 

Account : Cornilo Churches PCC

              Sort Code 52-30-23 

              Account Number 08112207 


or by cheque direct to the treasurer

 Mrs Jean Winn, Chilterns, Back St,Ringwould

DEAL CT14 8HL    

      If you wish to pay in any other way please let us know.

 I regret that at the moment we cannot accept card payments