FAQ’s about weddings

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FAQ’s about your Wedding at our Churches


Q. How Many people does the church hold?

A. 100 is a comfortable fit at Ringwould, 150 at Kingsdown and 85 can be squeezed in to both Sutton and Ripple


 Q. Are there any bells?

A. Yes 6 at Ringwould, 2 at Kingsdown


Q.What about flowers?

A. You are free to bring in your own flowers and flower arrangers, you will need to liaise with the person in charge of the Church’s flower arrangers, it is customary to leave flowers in the Church after a wedding.


Q. I really don’t know what music to choose, what can I do?

A. You will be given the name of the organist at an early stage, so why not discuss it with them.



Q. What about photographs?

A. You are welcome to take photographs inside or outside the church, but obviously NOT using flash or ‘beeping’ cameras during the service itself.


Q. Some of my guests are travelling a long way, does the church have a toilet?

A. There is a toilet at both Ringwould and Kingsdown Churches



Q. I understand there are two different services to choose from, how do I choose?

A. You can expect to meet with the Priest taking the Service several times before the Wedding Day, they will discuss it with you in full.


If you have any more questions please let us know.